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Lace Our Corset Dresses

Le 29 January 2015, 10:09 dans Humeurs 0

Prom Dresses, Coret dress is very popular now. When a corset is properly laced, the wearer looks equally attractive coming and going. Because it's a difficult task to lace a corset-back dress if you're the person wearing it, this job requires an extra pair of hands. When you lace a corset for a friend, make sure the corset ribbon is even and flat, and the wearer feels secure but not squeezed in the dress. Here we will show you how to lace the corset dresses. Locate the exact position of the center of ribbon. Insert one end of the ribbon in the top left loop. Insert the other end into the top right loop, positioning the center of the ribbon at the center of the wearer's back. You can insert the ribbon over the loop, in which way you'll feed the ribbon inward toward the dress, or under the loop, feeding out and away from the dress. Both methods are recommended and both will look aesthetically pleasing. Get a band through one of the left and right loops at the waist of the corset. Tie in a bow or loose knot so you can remove it later; this holds the dress in place as you work. Wedding Dresses, Cross the left side of the ribbon over and insert it into the second loop on the right side. Cross the right portion of the ribbon and insert it into the second loop on the left side, so that the two lengths of ribbon make an "X" shape. Cross and lace the new left ribbon into the next right loop and repeat with the right ribbon in the left loop. Continue lacing, keeping the ribbon flat and the modesty panel smooth against the wearer's back, until you reach the shoelace or additional ribbon you used to hold the dress in place. Then we will complete the crossing figure. Tighten the laces according to the wearer's comfort, starting with the first "X." Pull each side of the ribbon at the "X" equally until the dress feels not tight and against the wearer's torso. Pull the ribbon again at the second "X" and continue until you reach the bottom of the corset. Short Prom Dresses, Tie the two ends of the ribbon into a secure, tight bow. Tuck the bow into the bottom of the corset just below the last two loops if you prefer that it doesn't show, or you can leave the bow visible. Adjust the bow so it is even and horizontal.

DIY Embellishment of Wedding Dresses

Le 29 January 2015, 10:08 dans Humeurs 0

Prom Dresses, Wedding can be full of love, happiness, future of their life. Bridal magazines feature wedding gowns that cost thousands of dollars, and the dress can often eat up a large portion of a bride's budget. Here we suggest you may buy a plain dress without any embellishment, as you know, the dresses hand made are highly expensive. We may also check the models online, as far, the dresses online sold cheap and do not look cheap. Here we will also share you are easy way to save you much cost and make the dress as your own style: Sewing them onto the fabric is not difficult. Get some lace fabric, as we know, the lace material sold very cheap, compared with the dress in mall. Get enough of them and cut into pieces. Find the other fabric, to add on the appliques. Use the silk organza to give extra stability to the back of larger , especially those which already come with heavy beading or other embellishments. Place the on the organza and cut the organza to the exact size of the . Baste the and the silk together close to the edge. Wedding Dresses, Put the appliques onto the dress. Have the bride try on the gown in front of a mirror, and begin to use the pins to experiment with the placement of the lace . Make sure your hands are meticulously clean and dry as you handle the gown, and use very sharp pins designed for use on silk and other fine fabrics. Use the fabric marker to mark the locations of the after you have pinned them on the dress. Use our thread to sew the appliques on the dress. Take two or three very tiny stitches on the back of the , leaving a tail about 2 inches long. Following, we will eaxactly describe you how to sew the applique. Use the needle turn method and the pin stitch to attach the . Take the end of the needle and use it to gently turn under about 1 inch of the edge. Hold the turned under lace in place. Insert the needle into the dress fabric and take a very tiny stitch just outside the , then slide the needle behind the edge of the about 1/2 inch along. Insert the needle into the and then into the dress fabric, taking another tiny stitch. When you come to the end of where it was turned under, turn another section under. Continue around the in this manner until you have nearly reached the starting point. Use the embroidery scissors to snip off most of the tail you started with and hide the rest of it beneath the. Finish stitching around, and then fasten the thread off. Bring the needle and thread through under the and snip the thread closely so that the thread end disappears under the . Short Prom Dresses, We can also embellish the applique with beading, sparkling, crystals, it will make you shiny.